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Our Services

1. Pathloss Survey and Frequency Scanning

Our company conducts surveys and frequency scanning for:

  • CelcomAxiata,
  • Ericsson
  • Nokia
  • Sapura for GIRN Project
  • Alcatel
  • Siae Micro Elettronica Project For
    • Digi,
    • Maxis
    • CelcomAxiata,
  • We have our own sets of frequency scanning and also for Pathloss survey.
  • For frequency scanning we have 4 sets ( 4 sets of Anritsu Brand).

All of these equipments are calibrated periodically in order to ensure the accuracy of readings whenever in use.

2. Survey and Installation of BTS Equipment

(A) Our competent staffs who are experts in the installation of radio equipment for GSM and PCN systems and the latest WCDMA, 3G and LTE systems.  We have successfully completed these installations with various telecommunication companies both here in Malaysia and overseas namely Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Sudan and Ethiopia.

For Malaysian operators we have successfully installed for:

  • Sapura Research, Digi Telecommunication, Telekom Malaysia Berhad, CelcomAxiata, Alcatel, Nokia and Ericsson.

Whereas For Overseas operators we have successfully installed for:

  • Mobileonein Singapore,
  • Paktel in the Philippines
  • Sudanese Mobile and Zain for Sudan under Ericsson
  • Ethio Telecom in Ethiopia.

B) We have experienced working offshore for the installation of telecommunication equipment for Petronas, Shell and Esso Malaysia. These were done together with O’connors and Electroscon.

C) Installation of GSM and PCN system includes also the installation of Radio Cabinets, Radio Equipments, Antennas, Feeder, Battery, Rectifier and also cable installation at the towers or within the buildings.


A) Almost all telecommunication companies in Malaysia use Microwave to join their systems from one base to another base station. By overcoming these challenging works, our staffs had the opportunity to acquire knowledge in these fields. We have installed:

  • Minilink microwave for Celcom, Mutiara, Time Telekom, Sapura, Telekom Malaysia, Pernec, Alcatel, SiaeMicroelettronica and also abroad like in Taiwan, Cambodia, Sudan and Ethiopia.
  • HarrisFerenon microwave with Telekom Malaysia for Interconnect System for Mobikom, Time Telekom, TM Touch, Binariang, Sapura and Mutiara.
  • Ericsson | Minilink E for Celcom and
  • DMC Microwave system for TM Touch
  • PERNEC for Telekom Malaysia and Celcom.
  • NEC Pasolink and SDH for Telekom Malaysia and Celcom

B) Our staffs have also gained experience in the installation of microwave Trunk System for Telekom Malaysia  with Fujitsu. Digital Microwave Corporation was the supplier for Trunk Link in Sabah and Sarawak and DailycomSdn  was given the opportunity for installing, testing and commissioning of 59 links.


A) DailycomSdnBhd conducts testing and commissioning of all radio equipments for Microwave links that we install for Fujitsu, Harris Ferenon, NEC, SiaeMicroelettronica, Nokia, Alcatel, Ericsson, and Huawei Technologies.

B ) We do the Testing and commissioning for BTS equipment for Alcatel, Huawei, Ericsson RBS 2000, 3000 and the latest one is the RBS 6000.

C ) For NSN we do the testing for FSME 3G and ESMB 2G and LTE.

5. Radar, TV and FM System

  • We have successfully installed radar system for JabatanLaut Malaysia.
  • We have also executed the installation of TV and FM systems within Peninsular Malaysia focusing mainly in Sabah and Sarawak. We have done these works with Mahkota Technologies and Commintel. These works involve replacing old antenna and radio systems to new and modern ones.
  • Our staffs are flexible in doing jobs anytime of the day or night and are committed to meet all deadlines.

6. Paging, P.A, CCTV, MATV Systems

  • Motorola paging and Trunk systems: A portion of these systems are installed by Dailycom under Telekom Malaysia and Motorola Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
  • As for P.A systems, we have installed on offshore oil platforms for Shell Malaysia under the supervision of O’Connor’s Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Telekom Malaysia Bhd.
  • Installation of CCTV and MATV systems for Petronas and ESSO Malaysia in offshore projects under Electroscon and Federal Telekom.

7. Lightning Protection and Grounding System

  • We have experience in the installing of LPS 3000 Lightning Protection under ME & O Fleet Support Sdn Bhd for TLDM Lumut, Parit, Setiawan, TanjungKarang, Bukit Selang, Padang Hangus and RumahApi Kuala Selangor.
  • For Sapura GIRN Project, we have installed the Kathrein Lightning Spike for all sites done under Sapura.

8. Fire Fighting System

  • We have conducted the installation and commissioning of FM 200, CO2 and NOVEC 1230 systems for Telekom Malaysia.

9. Supply and Installation of CME Telecommunication Infrastructure

  • Dailycom is also a supplier and installer of telecommunication infrastructure for Telekom Malaysia. For example, cabin for Telekom, room renovation including electrical works, Self Supporting Tower, Mast Tower, Mini Monopole, Monopole, Lamp pole , Floor Mounted  Bracket, Tripod, cable gantry and some other accessories for telecommunication product.